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Elektro DT Projekt
           This company was established in 1991 under the name Elektro Projekt. After restructuring in 2005 was appointed to Elektro DT Projekt. Our company's main activity is the design and implementation of automatic regulation systems in different areas of industry, such as energy sector, chemical preparation of water, mining, etc.

           In 2005 we have signed contract above partnership with Siemens for Kosovo's territory in the field of automatics - A & D, where we have created the necessary staff to use PLC's, SCADA systems, and to select other products from this company.

           Also in year 2005, the German company Phoenix Contact we have reached agreement on their representation in the territory of Kosovo, for all products and services offered by this company.

           In year 2006, we have achieved to sign contract to represent the German company Wieland Electric, for all products and services offered by this company.

           With strong support and backing of these companies and the education of our staff in specific areas we have managed to do the preparation of the bidding, design and implementation of some projects.